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Dr. Handel, Dr. Avi and his team at Wayne Dental Care are proud to be the premier dental office in Wayne, Pennsylvania to offer Fastbraces® technology. Reach out to our office to learn more about how Dr. Handel and Dr. Avi will give you the smile you have always hoped for with Fastbraces® technology.


What are Fastbraces®?
Fastbraces® is a new innovation developed to straighten your smile more quickly and succinctly. Fastbraces® technology has revolutionized orthodontics, as it is affordable, fast, easy, and safe. This iconic system completely transforms the way people straighten their teeth. In most cases, treatment is successful without the use of extraction and, so far, has provided users with unparalleled results.



How does it work?
Traditionally, braces work in two phases to shift teeth into their desired position: Phase one, which takes about a year, sees the movement of the visible crown of the tooth; the second phase, which also takes about a year, shifts the root of the tooth. With the Fastbraces® method, the brackets operate under an entirely different principle of mechanics. This patented technology uses a revolutionary triangular bracket and wire system which is specially shaped to align root position from the beginning. This innovative use of mechanics allows your braces do twice the work in half the time, all while safely and effectively realigning your entire oral structure.


How long does it take?
Fastbraces® supports the movement of your tooth roots from the beginning of your treatment, achieving root parallelism in the very early stages. Depending on your desired results, your treatment will take anywhere from three months to about a year. Even better, the results become noticeable soon after implementation.


Are YOU The Right Candidate for Fastbraces®?
If you are in the market for a straighter, more beautiful smile, would like to see results in months instead of years, would like to avoid the pain associated with traditional braces, and are concerned about the price of orthodontics, then Fastbraces® may be the solution you are looking for.


If you are interested in Fastbraces® or any other type of orthodontic service, contact Wayne Dental Cafre today. Dr. Handel and Dr. Avi would love to help you determine which treatment plan fits your individual needs.

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A beautiful smile can make you look years younger and feel much better! Your friends and family will say “You Look Great!” when they notice the change in your smile. We look forward to seeing you soon at our office.