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The VELscope system is used to help dental professionals like Dr. Handel visualize abnormalities in the mucosal tissue of your lips, mouth, and upper throat. Without rinses, stains, or discomfort, a VELscope examination lets healthcare professionals improve their assessment of your overall oral health in fewer than two minutes.


How Does the VELscope Work?

VELscopeVELscope utilizes a blue light that “excites” fluorescing molecules deep within the layers of oral mucosal tissues. The molecules emit shades of green, yellow, and red, then the VELscope filter reflects light and enhances the contrast between normal and abnormal tissue.


To make sure that your mouth is as healthy as possible, contact Wayne Dental to schedule a VELscope exam. While the appearance of your smile is important, your overall health is of the utmost priority to us.

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